Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini-guide to soft rosy lips

Dry and chapped lips are not flattering especially to your appearance. If you are sufffering from this, its time you take a step towards making them supple, soft and beautiful. Remember, soft rosy lips will catch anyones attention, guys especially! Winks!
This is just a mini guide to achieving this.
The first and most important is to have a rich diet that contains vegetable and lots of fruits. Keep your system clean and healthy it'll show on every part of your body including your lips.

Here are some simple tricks to have natural pink lips.

1.- Apply toothpaste one night one a week and wash off in the morning. (Colgate Original Flavour is the best)

2.- Exfoliate your lip with an old toothbrush after brushing your teeth

3.- Take lemon ridges and scrub your lips (at the occasion).

4.- Massage your lips with beet slice (at the occasion)

5.- Apply unrefined coconut oil on lips thrice during the day.

6.- Apply Eight hour cream every night

7.- Milk is a good cleanser and the cream from milk is natural butter and balm which is excellent in smoothening the lips. This treatment will make your lips soft and supple, remove chapped skin, and prevent the lips from getting chapped from cold, dry wind and weather.

You can also try,

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm
It adapts its pinkish color to the natural skin tone


O-Glow Intuitive cheek Color
It adapts its pinkish color to the natural skin tone. The color also lasts quite long, and doesn't fade completely even after eating and drinking.


Vaseline Lip therapy rosy

I recommend strongly to purchase Elisabeth Arden's Eight hours. You will see that it will be very useful and you can easily use it during one year.

Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Softens, repairs, protects. Soothes minor irritations of the skin. Nourishes the dry or chapped hands, refines the rough on the heels, elbows or feet

Soothes irritated skin or reddened by friction, solar, wind or cold. It is effective to prepare skin for shaving.

You can use it on lips, cheekbones, face, another areas.

Please use a pea size and don't rub it on your palms

It stinks a little bit...

I know this might sound funny but you could get a nipple cream, yes, its normally used to lighten nipples but it works wonders in creating a pink rosy lip. And dont forget to get a sunscreen to protect the lips from the harmful effects of the sun. Its available on e-bay, you can check it out.

glow as you go~

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